Wilkes-Barre–Scranton–Hazleton's Premier Indoor Climbing Gym

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Offering Bouldering, Top Rope, and Lead Climbing


Climb close to the ground without the use of ropes and harnesses. A great exercise to practice form, technique, and problem-solving skills.

Top Rope

Top rope climbing is where a climber is secured to the wall on a rope pulley system, typically involving two people. However, we are proud to be the first climbing gym in Northeast PA to offer autobelays.

Lead Climbing

A more advanced style of climbing, lead climbing requires the climber to attach to anchor points as they bring the rope up the wall with them and a second person belays from below.

Auto Belays

Our climbing gym offers three TRUBLUE auto belays, so you can safely climb more without relying on a belaying partner.

Parties + Events

Climbing is a great way to combine exercise, fun, and analytical skills. We are now booking birthday parties and team-building events.

Chäkstone Climbing offers indoor rock climbing nestled in the heart of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Our service area covers North East Pennsylvania, including Scranton and Hazleton areas. Our facility offers 3 TRUBLUE auto-belay devices – the first rock climbing gym in NEPA to have the amenity. Our walls are set up to accomodate top rope, lead climbing and bouldering. Come alone, with a friend, or book for a group.

Chäkstone Climbing Amenities

  • Areas for bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing
  • 4,000+ sq/ft
  • MoonBoard, campus board and hang board training area
  • Comfortable seating
  • Air-conditioned
  • Snacks, gear, and apparel options